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WOT has a solution for web surfers’ biggest security threat


From the "there’s-no-news-like-bad-news" files comes the annual Internet Threat Security Report from anti-virus giant Symantec warning us that cyber attacks are increasing. The experts say that security on the Internet has gone from bad to worse; increasing 93 percent in 2010 from an already dismal year in 2009. Not only were there more threats in 2010, the threats are growing more sophisticated.

URL shorteners hide dangers

The number of web-based attacks were boosted by a flurry of attacks targeting shortened URLs, especially those shared on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.  Cybercriminals successfully used social networks to distribute malware and other attacks because people too often trust messages they think come from their friends. Symantec estimated about 17 percent of links posted on Facebook were actually links to malicious software.

"Last year, attackers posted millions of these shortened links on social networking sites to trick victims into both phishing and malware attacks, dramatically increasing the rate of successful infection," Symantec said.

WOT provides protection for shortened URLs

WOT’s got your back when it comes to the threats hidden in shortened URLs. Our newest add-on update includes reputation ratings for shortened URLs by most popular services, such as bit.ly and t.co.

Now is a good time to make sure your family, friends and co-workers are using WOT so they don’t become next year’s statistics. Please direct them to the WOT download page to get their free add-on.

Innovating for your protection

Innovation sign Here at WOT HQ, we are continually working to find new, innovative ways that the massive amount of reputation data our community provides can protect Internet users; on social networks and the world wide web. Please continue to do your part by contributing your knowledge and experience through rating websites. It’s through the efforts of our worldwide community that WOT is able to help all web users surf safer.

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