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WOT’s international fans share our story in their language

WOT reached and quickly surpassed twenty million worldwide downloads a few weeks ago. How did we reach all of those people with our message, you may wonder?

Word-of-mouth has always been our most potent communication tool, and WOT has benefited from you, dear users, telling your friends, family and co-workers about our safe surfing tool. Fans of WOT worldwide publish articles and make videos explaining how WOT works so others can learn how to make their browsers safer, plus have a platform to express their opinions and experiences.

Here’s a sample of some of the latest publications from around the globe:

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The Swedish blog Mjukvara published a review of WOT for Swedish readers in their popular technology blog. Read Mjukvara’s review of WOT.

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Spanish language blog, Ethic, recently interviewed WOT’s CEO, Vesa Perälä, and explained WOT to their readers in ¿Es posible medir la reputación de un página web?

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The Japanese version of the popular blog Lifehacker recommends WOT as one of the best security add-ons in ブラウザのセキュリティを守る人気の拡張機能5選

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United Kingdom

Software reviewer tomparkie866 shows how easy it is to download and use WOT to determine which sites are trusted in his YouTube video, Web Of Trust Review (WOT)

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Finland’s English language newspaper, The Helsinki Times, explains how political and religious sites can provoke strong feelings in Joining forces to clean up the Web


We keep track of articles, videos and other things written about WOT on MyWOT’s Delicious listing. Please share any articles or videos that you find, and keep telling your family and friends. The more people we have sharing their experiences about the websites they visit, the more accurate the ratings are for everyone. Let’s shoot for 50 million downloads by the end of the year!


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