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WOT scorecard facilitates two-way communication

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Web users can share their opinion on websites by rating and leaving comments on the WOT scorecard. If you are a site owner, keeping an eye on the comments is useful. You have gone through the trouble of creating and running a website, so you probably also want to know what your users think about it.

Sometimes taking part in the discussion for two-way communication can be beneficial. You may want to give an answer, ask for an explanation, correct a misunderstanding, or simply thank for the feedback, for example.

The improved WOT scorecard, launched earlier this month, includes a feature that eases the communication between site users and owners. Site owners can now respond to comments right there on the scorecard.

How to respond to comments on a scorecard

To respond to comments, you first need to verify that you are the site owner by claiming your website:

  • Go to the My sites tab in your profile, type your website’s domain or host name to the “Add your domain” field, and click Add.
  • Click the Verify link on the site listing and follow the instructions to verify you are the site owner. You will need to either add a verification file to your website or insert a meta tag on the front page.
  • After the site has been verified, you can go back to the scorecard and will see a Reply button in all the comments. Click the button to write a response that’s shown to all users.

If you prefer to have the discussion in private, you can write to the user who left the comment on their Board. Just click on their username and it will take you to their Profile. Once you are there, you may leave them a message on their Board.

Two-way communication uses communication to negotiate with the public, resolve conflict, and promote mutual understanding and respect between the organization and its public. Read more about its use in Wikipedia

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