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WOT is guest on The Colin McEnroe Show: The Spam Scourge

Spam folderWOT users are familiar with nature of spam, those unwanted email messages generated by networks of "zombiefied" computers controlled by rogue programs called botnets. Using ingenious and low cost methods, spam replicates by the trillions. It costs us billions of dollars a year, but a "choke point" has been found that could greatly reduce the flow of spam.

WOT was a guest on The Colin McEnroe Show broadcast, The Spam Scourge, on the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network together with Jennifer Carroll Archie from Latham & Watkins, a law firm in Washington D.C. which specializes in matters involving computer fraud and cybercrime, privacy/data security issues.

To learn more about the state of spam today and where the choke point resides, have a listen to The Colin McEnroe Show: The Spam Scourge.

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