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Where would you go meet other WOT users?

The sun is shining and the holiday season is at its highest. Those few that are left in the quiet WOT office are silently staring out of the window thinking summery thoughts. Our recent poll indicated that WOT community members are not very active on having holidays: 17 % of the respondents didn’t admit knowing what is a vacation. However, when you do have a holiday, on which basis do you choose your destination?

Some seek for good weather, some nice views, cultural attractions, gastronomic experiences, or active outdoor activities. And of course, it’s always nice to meet some like-minded people on the way.

This map helps you plan your next holiday destination by showing where you are most likely to meet a friend you just don’t know yet: another WOT user. On the map we’ve listed countries with biggest amounts of users, but in fact there are some in almost every country in the world.

If you could visit any country on the map, where would you most like to go? Share with us on the comments!

Click the map for a larger image.


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