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The WOT blog has been running for almost five years now. During this time the authors have changed, quite a few topics have been covered, and more readers have joined our audience.

As more and more web users find WOT, we often get to answer the same questions over again. But who could explain them better than the founders? Let’s take a look at some selected pearls from our blog archive, written by our early-day authors Sami and Timo themselves.

Anonymity vs. Democracy

As you know, all WOT users can cast their ratings without identifying themselves in any way. Does that enable fraud? No, it doesn’t, as this is where math and a system called meritocracy comes in. Read more…

Responding to threats

Reputation ratings rely on real human input. Does it mean that when malicious sites are identified, someone has to fall victim? Is that an essential sacrifice so that others can be safe? Yes and no. Carefully chosen trusted sources make it possible for us to give you an early warning of new threats as they happen, before anyone has to fall for the scam. Read more..

What if a good site goes bad

That happens sometimes, unfortunately, for example if a hacker attacks a site or it changes the business model and becomes untrustworthy. WOT calculates the reputations almost in real-time, and older ratings lose their weight over time. When you visit a site and see that your earlier rating is not in with your current experience, remember to re-rate. Read more…

What you should know about WOT

In 2007, Sami started a posting with almost identical opening words as I did now. Back then already, he decided to recap answers to most common questions, which have remained quite the same over the years. Read here how he explained reliability, abuse, annoyances and privacy.

Do you have a question to the founders?

Since our team has grown bigger, Sami and Timo have concentrated on developing the service and left writing to others. Do you have a question you’d like to ask them? Feel free to ask on the comments and we’ll try our best to get them to answer!

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