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WOT and Ahdle help families and kids surf safe

Remember Qrobe, a search engine that uses WOT reputations to protect its users? Qrobe’s team has launched a new search engine Ahdle, which gives a safe searching experience especially for families and kids. In addition to its own filters, Ahdle also relies on WOT ratings to filter out content not suitable for kids.

“Our experience using WOT on the search engine Qrobe for almost a year has been very positive. Ahdle was designed to be a search engine safe for kids and families, and we are confident that WOT’s vast community-powered repository provides the best source for filtering out unsafe content,” the team states.

In addition to filtering out results that are not suitable for kids, Ahdle has many other useful features:

  • Best search results from the top search engines
  • The Answering Machine gives instant answers to thousands of questions
  • Infinite scrolling helps viewing results
  • Instant search helps save you from fully typing your query
  • Enhanced privacy: Ahdle does not track, analyze or profile users, set any uniquely identifiable cookies or allow any ad network cookies
  • Built-in WOT reputation ratings help you find trustworthy sites.

We are happy to be included in a service that boosts safe search, and encourage developers to make use of the WOT API, which is free within the limits of the terms of service.

Try out the Family Friendly Search Engine Ahdle and read more about its features.

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