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Who’s your favorite WOT’er?

If you’ve followed us on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that we have loads of little friends helping us in our daily tasks.

Which of them is your favorite? Vote in our poll!

Candidate 1: Shakira and Alejandro

Shakira and Alejandro

Shakira and Alejandro, our lovely dogs always look a bit sad, no matter how much we try to cheer them up. If you wonder where their names come from, the answer is that someone in the team really likes Latin music.

Candidate 2: Rats who took over the office


Rats like dirt, we all know that. That’s why you need to keep your desk clean. Someone at our office didn’t, and a bunch of rats took over his place. The rats still live in the office.

Candidate 3: Chief Cat Officer Jasmine

chief cat officer

Chief Cat Officer Jasmine’s job was to check all marketing materials and make sure there’s no spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, she has now retired from WOT and enjoys the sun in Florida.

Candidate 4: Mr. Snowman


This handsome but a bit cold personality only joined us for a moment for a hat raffle last January. He then moved to Alaska.

Candidate 5: Sharky the Hunter

Developers thought this dangerous beast had eaten our marketing manager. Luckily it turned out that despite his looks, the shark is a really friendly fellow. He guards our office during the night time.

Candidate 6: Herman the Lemur


Herman is the newest member of our team. His job is to supervise everything that happens in the office. He has very big eyes, which is why he’s talented at keeping an eye on things.

Which of these is your favorite? Cast a vote in our poll!

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