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Internet giants as WOT’s trusted sources

The basis of WOT are user ratings, but in addition to those the reputation data is enriched by carefully selected technical trusted sources. This week we have added two great sources that will help you find sites that are both trustworthy and safe technically.

Yandex Safe Browsing

Yandex Safe Browsing checks sites for malicious software and other security threats. If Yandex Safe Browsing blacklists a site, the site owner can see the exact reason, and where the malware is located on their site. This helps site owners fix issues that may damage the security and reputation of their site. If you are a site owner and notice on WOT scorecard that you’re site is blacklisted by Yandex, follow the link for more information.

Google Safe Browsing is a service that enables applications to check URLs against Google’s constantly updated blacklists. It’s now also used as a trusted source, bringing in information about suspected phishing and malware sites.

We are happy to welcome these two Internet giants as trusted sources, and thank them for their contributions! Safe surfing!

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  1. please unblock my company’s website hxxp://www.brightconsultants.co.in

    We have checked and there are no issues in this website’s code and database.

    So please unblock it from your database.

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