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What to do if your site is blacklisted by Yandex

Some time ago we announced Yandex Safe Browsing as our trusted source. Yandex Safe Browsing checks sites for malicious software and other security threats. If you are a site owner, read these instructions on what you can do if your site is blacklisted (useful information for others too!).

If your site is blacklisted, you can see it on your site’s scorecard on the “Information from third-party trusted sources” section. It also states the exact reason why. In this example case the reason is malware.

yandex safe browsing's WOT's trusted source

Click the “source” link, and it will take you to a site with a detailed explanation about the problem. Click the link for more information to see what kind of malware has been detected.

Click to enlarge.

Now you know what’s happening on your site, and you can act on it. Yandex has extensive instructions on how to find and remove the malicious code.

If your site is clean when Yandex checks it again, it will be removed from the blacklist. To speed up this process, you can sign up to Yandex.Webmaster service, and send a request for an out-of-turn checking.

Hackers are very clever in injecting malicious code to websites and often site owners are not even aware of potential security threats on their site. Therefore, this service is very useful for site owners for keeping an eye on their site’s security.

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