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WOT featured in Facebook’s AV Marketplace

WOT in Facebook's AV Marketplace

We want web users to surf safely online. So does Facebook. Therefore we are happy to announce that WOT is now included in Facebook’s AV Marketplace, giving an easy access to Facebook’s over billion users to download WOT to their browsers!

The AV Marketplace, first launched in April 2012, includes a variety of AV products from McAfee to Microsoft, Trend Micro, and many others. Visitors can choose any of the products and download a free trial of 6 months. Now, with WOT included, visitors are advised to complement their AV protection with WOT’s human-powered protection against untrustworthy web links. Naturally, WOT will be free of charge after the 6 months too!

Antivirus software is designed to spot viruses, malware, and other technical threats. You add the software to your computer, and it prevents malicious code your computer may catch from executing. WOT, on the other hand, helps you avoid links that may infect your computer in the first place. Based on real human experiences, it also helps you avoid threats that only the human eye can spot, such as scams, unreliable web stores, and unreliable content. Therefore it’s highly recommended to use both: WOT and an AV.

“We have been proud partners with Web of Trust for the past year and a half, and are excited to announce a new stage of that partnership to keep our users and their data safe. Not only will Facebook users continue to benefit from WOT’s reputation warnings when clicking potentially malicious links but also will be able to download their browser add-on for protection no matter where they are on the web” said Joe Sullivan, CSO of Facebook.

We are very pleased that WOT has been added to Facebook’s AV Marketplace and we welcome all Facebook users to install the add-on and join our global Web of Trust!

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Visit the AV Marketplace.

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