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Note to site owners: Watch out for fake WOT emails!

We have heard reports of some site owners receiving emails promising a good reputation in exchange for money after posting a review request on the WOT forum. These emails are a scam, and have not been sent by WOT.

WOT never sends promotional email after you request reviews, and does not sell reputations. Each website has to earn their reputation, which is determined by user ratings and trusted third-party sources. WOT Trust Seals are only available to sites that have already earned their good reputation.

We are currently investigating the source of these emails. At the moment, it looks like they originate from Ukraine, and the motivation is either to scam unsuspecting site owners, or to tarnish WOT’s reputation. The latter is also known as joe jobbing.

Note: The people sending these emails find the site owner’s contact information from their websites. Nobody has access to the email address in your WOT profile.

Here’s an example of a fake email that was reported on the WOT forum:

[name], congratulations on becoming a member of the Web of Trust community! We noticed that your current rating can be improved. By installing one of our Trust Badges on your website, you can improve your reputation and get the good rating that your web site deserves. The cost is only 1600 Euros for one year.

Just follow this link to get your Web of Trust badge:

Sign Up for Web of Trust Badge


Michel Suome, WOT Services

If you receive an email offering to improve your reputation, please send us the full email, including headers (or post it to the forum), and ignore it. Never pay anyone to “fix” a reputation!

How to recognize the scam email

  • The email suggests it’s possible to pay to improve a reputation. This is not possible under any circumstances.
  • The From address is not from mywot.com. Note that this is easy to fake, so the sender address should not be relied upon, but a non-mywot address is an obvious sign of foul play.
  • The email is sent to a different address than the one you used to create your WOT account, or was posted through your website’s contact form. It also may not mention the name of your WOT account.
  • There are links in the email that do not point to mywot.com. Never give your personal information or credit card number to these sites.
  • More advanced users can also look at the email headers to find out from where it originates. If you are unsure about the authenticity of the email, ignore it.

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