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Announcing recipients of the User Awards 2012

Dear community,

It is time to announce the recipient of the User Awards 2012!

We thank you all who submitted your vote for the Member of the Year category. Also, we thank you all for your contribution for the Safer Web during 2012. Please note that these awards are to keep up the good spirit, and are not to be taken too seriously. All community members are equally appreciated!

The first three categories were based on activities on the forum. The competition was strict – many of you would have deserved an award. You are all winners, but only one receives an award in each category.


The Most Active award goes to the user that has started most forum discussions – brought new online threats to light and maintained an active discussion within the community.

The award goes to evilfantasy.

Most Active Award
The Problem Solver award goes to the user that has replied most to site evaluation requests – helped site owners to deal with problems with their site’s reputation.

The award goes to shazza.

Problem Solver Award
The Techie award goes to the user that has been active on the support forum – helped other users with technical issues.

The award goes to c۞g.

Techie Award

The winner of the fourth category, Member of the Year, was based on your votes. Each registered user had one vote.

The award went to the person that you thought deserved it for being active, helpful, and respectful to others, and helping the community work together with a positive attitude.

The award goes to c۞g.

Member of the Year

Several community members received votes, but we do believe the person who finally got most of them does fill the criteria very well. Thank you all who submitted your vote!


Warm congratulations to the winners, and thank you once again for taking part!

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