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Preview: New front page

New WOT front page

We are working on a new front page. You will see the result later this week!

The aim of the change is to give new visitors a better idea about WOT: where the ratings come from, how do they protect when browsing the web, and why should people use WOT.

The most significant change to current users is that some of the elements will change their place. The menu, currently located at the top of the page, will be moved to the footer. There you’ll find links to the forum, Community page, and elsewhere. For now, this change will only be applied to the front page.

Once the new front page is revealed (will happen very soon), we hope to hear your feedback. You can see a little preview of what is coming up on the right.

Edit (13th of February):The new front page is now published, but we are A/B testing it. Therefore, for now, only half of the page visitors see it. If you happen to be among them, let us know what you think of the new front page!

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