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The next chapter: A shiny new WOT is on the way!

It’s been a while since we’ve revealed any major changes to the WOT system, but there is a good reason for that! We have spent tons of time developing the next version of our service that will build WOT’s role as the most trusted community-powered website reputation service – a service that makes the Internet a safer place for all of us.

If you’ve been following the download tracker on our homepage, you will have seen that WOT has grown significantly during the past 18 months. This growth offers us lots of great opportunities, but at the same time it means that we have a responsibility to serve a wider audience with various needs and user habits. We have continuously analyzed how people use WOT and listened to your helpful feedback and we truly believe that this new system will make a huge difference to your WOT usage.

First of all, the transparency and informative quality of the service will be significantly improved and make it easier for anyone to come to a decision whether it is safe to visit a site or not. The new categorization interface will prompt users to make more accurate ratings and identify reasons to support their ratings. Users are also encouraged to leave more focused comments to help other users.

The new WOT will provide users with better reputation coverage on the rapidly growing amount of websites. This will enable you to discover the reputation for less well-known websites, as well as more established ones. We have also designed new algorithmic improvements to the system, which will improve the confidence of the reputations and increase the reliability and trustworthiness of WOT. We are confident that the reputation score will better match users’ own experiences in the future.

ImageWhether a user is simply utilizing the traffic lights to make browsing decisions, or rating 100 sites per day, the new WOT will be easier to use and more engaging than ever before (you might even call it addictive). This will be a big step forward for us and we hope we will continue this great journey with all of you.

We will reveal further details about the key changes within the upcoming days and ultimately the new WOT will be out of ‘stealth mode’ with the beta launch very soon, so stay tuned!

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