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WOT add-on available for the Opera Next browser

Opera has just published the latest version of their new Chromium based desktop browser named Next, and WOT is one of the first add-ons available in the extensions catalog.

The most significant change in Opera Next is that it’s no longer based on Opera’s Presto rendering engine, but on WebKit, the same engine used by Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari. If you want to take a deep dive into Opera Next, check out their announcement

For all WOT users using Opera, the good news is that since Opera Next is based on Chromium it will include all the latest WOT features that come by default in the Chrome add-on. WOT is also updated quicker to Chromium based browsers than others.


There won’t be any major updates to the WOT add-on for the Presto based browsers, so we encourage all Opera enthusiasts to try the new browser. The WOT add-on for Opera Next comes with various small improvements and bug fixes while it also includes our newest warning screen and welcome tips for new users.

Opera has well over 300 million people using its range of mobile and desktop Web browser applications overall. WOT team has worked with Opera for a long time and we are happy to make the WOT add-on available in Opera Next, for both Windows and Mac. Wishing Opera team all the best with their new browser!

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