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New eTLDs and country-specific Blogger domains mapped to .com

As some of you have noticed, if you enter a WOT scorecard for a country-specific Blogger subdomain , you are now shown the WOT reputation of the same subdomain at blogspot.com. For instance if you are trying to enter a scorecard for example.blogspot.fi, you are now shown the reputation of example.blogspot.com. This is not a bug, it’s related to Blogger’s recent decision to redirect blogs to country specific URLs depending on the visitor’s location which caused a couple of issues:

  1. One blog could have a different reputation depending on your location. For instance, if you’re travelling, a blog you frequently visit might have had a totally different reputation if the people in the country you’re visiting rated it differently.
  2. If a blog was created by a spammer, or for malicious purposes, it wasn’t enough to rate one hostname to warn everyone. You’d have to rate all the different country specific URLs too.

So now that all the Blogger domains are mapped to .com, each blog will have the same WOT reputation in every country, and it’s enough to rate whichever ccTLD Google determines is the most appropriate for your location. In addition to this change, we are now also treating blogspot.com and other popular shared domains as effective top level domains (eTLDs), which means their subdomains no longer inherit the parent domain’s reputation. This change also affects wordpress.com, tumblr.com, and many others. If your blog used to inherit a reputation from the parent domain, it may now show up as unrated. Don’t be alarmed, it will have a reputation once enough people have rated it.

You can see the affected country-specific Blogger domains here

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