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Updated WOT community guidelines outline best practices for all of us

WOT has a mission to make the internet a safer place for all. Internet comes in many forms, in many languages, with multiple opinions, and with different ways to communicate. With the updated WOT community guidelines we want to explain to all WOT users – new and old – the community standards and best practices that all of us should follow when using the service.

The purpose of the guidelines is to help WOT users collaborate with each other in a way that everyone can feel comfortable and respected within the community. The power of WOT is that each one on their own initiative adds a small contribution that’s accumulated into a greater result. The more people use the service and rate websites, the more information there is guiding users to make informed decisions. So, let’s respect everyone’s contributions and work together to help others to surf safer!

The community guidelines are divided into three sections:

General community guidelines

This sections explains the general standards of how to behave in the community and reminds users to respect the diversity of cultures and opinions that coexist inside the WOT community. WOT consists of millions of users, and thus people should treat each other with respect, regardless of their race, culture, or religion.

Forum guidelines

Here you can find detailed guidelines for posting messages on the WOT forum or commenting scorecards. By following these instructions you will make it easier for others to reply to your messages and help you with your questions.

Website owners’ guidelines

This section guides site owners on how to manage feedback from users visiting their sites. It’s always good to remember to apply sound customer service practices to reward praise and find opportunities to win back your critics. A good approach is to work with the community and listen to what the users are saying.

Familiarize yourself with the community guidelines here.

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