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The New WOT Beta is now Released!

Last month we announced  that a new WOT is on its way, and now we are ready to lift the covers of the beta version! Countless hours have been spent on listening to your feedback, analysing how people use WOT, and developing a new WOT with features that will not only improve the current user experience but will also serve as foundation for future upgrades that will strengthen WOT’s position as the most preferred website reputation & review service. The latest achievement of 80 million downloads and the increasing amount of monthly active users render us the responsibility to serve a growing audience with various needs and user habits. We truly believe that the new version will make a considerable change in WOT usage – by offering improved transparency and information quality.

What’s new?

The new WOT comes with multiple improvements, but the major news surrounding the new WOT is the introduction of the categorization interface. This new categorization will provide greater transparency to the reasons behind users’ ratings and reviews. In practice, this means that when submitting a rating, you are asked to select one or more categories in order to provide supporting evidence for your assessment. These categories are then visible to other users helping them to make informed decisions whether to visit a site or not.


Other significant change is the simplification of the reputation components, leaving just “Trustworthiness” and “Child Safety” as key components while the rest have been merged into the categories feature described above. And not to forget, there has been a complete redesign of the rating window and scorecard that will provide users a more pleasant rating and review experience.


Take a test drive and let us know what you think – just by commenting on this post. You can also take a deep dive into detailed description of the changes. As a reward for your help, all registered beta users will get a “beta tester badge” on their user boards. Just remember to synchronize your account to get the badge!

Below you can find detailed information on how to download the beta version. Bear in mind that you should have Google Chrome or other Chromium based browser installed before downloading. No other browsers are supported at this point.

After downloading and installing WOT, please be prepared to spend a certain amount of time on familiarizing yourself with it and to help our developers to improve the quality of the new WOT by sending your feedback. Thanks!

Installation Instructions for Google Chrome

You can also find more detailed instructions here.

After downloading the (beta version), open Chrome and then:

  1. Save the add-on file (.crx) from this link to your computer (e.g. to Desktop)
  2. Go to Tools → Extensions ( chrome://extensions/ ). If you have already installed an existing WOT version, find it on the Extensions tab and disable it (by ticking Enabled) .
  3. Enable “Developer mode” at the top of the Extensions page of Chrome to be able to install the add-on from file
  4. Drag-and-drop the add-on file to the Extensions page of Chrome.
  5. Select “Add” in the pop-up window
  6. Synchronize the new add-on with your WOT profile (Check here for more details )
  7. You are now ready to test the new add-on.
  8. In case you wish to go back to old version, disable or remove the beta version and enable the old version. However, it is recommended to keep using the beta version until the public version is released.

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