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Brand new FAQs for Site Owners

WOT is a company with a vision to make the Internet a safer place for everybody. As the WOT community keeps growing we need to ensure the satisfaction of everybody involved. We should keep in mind that our community consists of Website owners as well as WOT users. There has been an increasing number of inquiries to our Support Centre from site owners, who are seeking out help regarding their websites.

For this reason, we decided to make things easier for site owners through our website. For those of you that haven’t noticed it yet, on our Support tab there is a brand new section especially for site owners. This section is called ‘FAQ for site owners’ and it aims to provide the answers to site owners’ most common questions. You can find out how to verify your own website, what to do if you are displeased with your site΄s reputation, how to answer other users’ comments and how to request a review. If you have a query you should check here before contacting our Support Centre.

The FAQ for the site owner’s section is divided in four parts:

  • Ownership Verification
  • Reputation
  • Comments
  • Review Request

Ownership Verification

Here you can find the answers to your questions concerning a website’s verification. You can learn how to verify your website or blog and read more about the privileges that website verification offers.


In this part you can find out more about your website’s reputation with information on blacklists, confidence level and how a reputation is calculated. You can also read what you can do to improve your website’s reputation.


In this section you can find everything related to comments. You can read how comments are ordered on the scorecard and why a site with good comments can still have a poor reputation.

Review Request

Here you can find answers to your questions about review requests for your website. You can learn what a site review request is and how you can ask for one. You can also find other information like what a blur thumbnail on a site’s description means and how you can edit the description of your website.

Before you post a question to our Support Centre, please take a look at our newest FAQ.

Check out the new section.

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