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How a phishing email purporting to come from Apple looks like – Take a look

For the past few months there has been quite a lot of news and discussions about phishing attacks targeting Apple ID logins with compromised sites. If you haven’t seen one yet, this is the phishing email we just got :


Let’s have a closer look: the design of the phishing email resembles the official communication from Apple; the logo on the top right corner, the sender’s address from Apple, the text signed by Apple Customer Support and even the link to the FAQs actually redirects to Apple’s official website. Adding to this that in the bottom you can find copyright information complemented with legal notices and you have a totally trustworthy design, right?

In the text phishers are using scare tactics to encourage recipients to act immediately without thinking, by explaining that their account is closed and urging them to click on a link to confirm their account. This is the point where everyone should stop, think and check who’s behind the email! Many companies do NOT ask people for personal information via email. However, if you do receive this kind of emails, ALWAYS check the sender by following e.g. instructions given by Apple.

WOT is a great tool to check the reputation of any link. As you can see in the picture above, WOT shows you a red icon next to the link warning about poor reputation. If you want to know more about the reasons, click on the symbol and read what other people or trusted third parties say about the site. Never click an unknown link before checking the reputation.

So, Apple ID phishing attempts continue. Beware and warn your friends and family too. Share this blog and encourage them to download WOT in order to know which websites to trust!


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