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The New WOT Beta Now Available also for Firefox

Great news to all Firefox users; the beta version of the new WOT has been launched!

The initial version will be similar to the Chrome version that was launched in June, missing only the commenting feature on the rating window. But do not worry, this feature will be added very soon.

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the new WOT yet, you can find all nitty-gritty details. We have received lots of valuable feedback earlier from Chrome users, and now we hope Firefox users will help us develop this version to the next stage. Take a test drive and spend a few minutes to share your experiences. Your feedback is highly appreciated!


Below you can find detailed information on how to download and install the beta version to your Firefox browser. Beta version is currently available only in English.

After downloading the beta version open Firefox and then:

If you already have a stable version of WOT disable it. Right click on the WOT add-on next to the URL bar and tick on the “Enabled” option. Restart the browser.

  1. Drag-and-drop the add-on file to Firefox.
  2. Select the add-on and “Install now” to the warning that will appear.
  3. Enable the add-on. Go to tools –> Extensions –> WOT add-on –> Enable.
  4. Restart the browser once again. In case you don’t see the rating, make sure that the add-on is enabled by right clicking on the WOT icon and see if the “Enabled” option is ticked.
  5. You are now ready to test the new add-on.

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