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The new WOT is coming out soon!

Some of you have already experienced the taste of the new WOT, either in the form of the new scorecard or even the new add-on. As each browser has a different approval method, some browser versions may take a little more time than the others to be updated. For the time being, Opera Next version is being updated to all its users and Firefox and Chrome users will get their update in the upcoming days. Mail.ru users as well as some of the beta testers got their update yesterday.

Those Firefox and Opera Next users who cannot wait for the automatic update can download the new version from our homepage!

The new WOT comes with multiple improvements – if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the news, you may want to read our earlier blog post . Most of the improvements mentioned there concern both the scorecard as well as the rating window.

Please be patient, the new WOT is coming.

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