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WOT 2013 review and behind the scenes

As 2013 reaches its end and we get ready to turn the page and welcome 2014, WOT makes a review of what happened in 2013 in numbers:

During 2013, 6.9 millions new websites were rated. Out of these, 3.89 were rated as good sites and 3.01 millions as untrustworthy.


Top 5 most rated categories:

Spam (3.23 millions)

Scam (2.06 millions)

Privacy risks (1.47 millions)

Suspicious (1.35 millions)

Potentially illegal (1.07 millions)


Top 5 categories in untrustworthy sites:

Spam (2.04 millions)

Scam (580 thousands)

Privacy risks (291 thousands)

Malware or viruses (276192)

Suspicious (270 thousands)


But apart from the new ratings, 2013 was important for WOT since we introduced the new version of our service. WOT Team was working heavily behind the scenes in order to make our idea come true. Here are some “behind the scenes” images with mockups of the rating window. Note that some of these images are from our internal brainstorming and consequently you have never seen them. The date of each mockup can be seen at the left corner at the bottom.




The WOT Team wishes you a happy new year, full of happiness, joy, health and creativity!

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