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User Awards – vote for your candidate now!

As some say “better late than never”, so today as in the previous years, we decided to show recognition and reward to the most helpful and enthusiastic WOT community members.

As a WOT Team we consider every single member of our community as exceptional person, who is willing to help to make the Internet a safer place. We highly appreciate every active WOT user who rates, comments and support other community members. For us it would be simply impossible to select the winners, so traditionally we give the voting power to you all.

Please feel invited to submit your nominations for Members of the year – users who deserved it for being active, helpful, and respectful to others, and helping the community work together with a positive attitude.

We are looking forward for your nominations starting from today (6th of May 2014) for two next weeks (until 20th of May 2014, 12:00 PST). Please send them by email awards(at)mywot.com including:

– Subject line: WOT user name you are voting for

– Short explanation of your choice

– Your WOT user name

Nominations submitted to any other WOT email or in the comments will NOT be taken into account.

You may nominate yourself. All the nominations will be kept anonymous. However, we reserve the right to share texts of some of the explanations in the future postings without revealing their authors.

Based on the number of submitted nominations we will select 3 winners, who will be announced on our blog by the end of May and awarded with limited edition WOT mouse pads.

So please make up your mind and submit your nomination! By submitting it you will also get a chance to win the mouse pad.

In addition to Members of the year, based on WOT statistics, we will also award users in the following categories:

The Most Active award for the user that has started most forum discussions – brought new online threats to light and maintained an active discussion within the community.

The Problem Solver award for the user that has replied most to site evaluation requests – helped site owners to deal with problems with their site’s reputation.

The Techie award for the user that has been active on the support forum – helped other users with technical issues.

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