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Changes in displaying your site reviews

To increase the transparency of users’ reviews, we decided to add a new feature – indicator of the rating range in the comment field. Once the user rates a site and leaves a comment a little bar will be displayed informing in what score range the site was rated. The exact reputation score will remain private for the user only.

By adding this small modification we will make the scorecards more understandable for people who are not so familiar with WOT, as well for site owners. This will also eliminate confusion that could be observed now for comments with neutral categories.

However, we understand if you value the privacy of any ratings you input to WOT. For that reason we give every user an option to opt-out from this change and let their comment be without any rating indicator. If you wish to opt out, please go to your settings page and modify the “thick” next to “Do not allow others to see my ratings”.

The rating indicators will start be visible within two weeks, but you can opt out at any point now or in the future.

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