WOT Awards of 2013

We are happy to announce the winners of WOT awards 2013!

The Winner of Most Active award
The Winner of Problem Solver award
The Winner of Techie award

In addition to above we are glad to present winners of the Annual WOT Member Awards. They are the most precious awards, as their winners were nominated by the WOT community. This year we decided to honor four of the nominated members which are:

The Winner of Member the year        
Super Hero

We would like also to reward two active members of Russian forum, which are:

sane cat and Dionis77


We were very glad to see that in your nominations you mentioned also members which you might not always agree with, but you respect them for their knowledge, passion and engagement in WOT. This shows us that WOT community can be truly objective and respect the common values! Thank you everyone for participating in our annual award competition!

The winners as well the selected lucky members, who participated in our competition, will be informed on their WOT user board about the details regarding mailing the award.

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WOT Awards of 2013