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Introducing WOT 3.0

Dear Community

We’re excited to announce WOT 3.0, the all new version of our popular browser extension. We worked hard on improving the UI and fixing bugs. Thanks to our improvements you can now enjoy a much clearer division to “Trustworthiness” and “Child Safety” and a more readable interface. In addition, we are introducing a much flatter and cleaner design that follows our new design direction.Image

As this is the first major update we made to WOT add­­on in a while, we wanted to make sure it goes smoothly. Therefore, we planned a gradual roll­out starting with a small percentage of Chrome users. After we work our way through Chrome (and Chromiums), we will release the Firefox and Safari versions which are in development.

You can download it from here now.

Thank you all for the support and staying with us during quiet times as well. Exciting times are coming and we are planning more product updates.

The WOT Team.

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