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Introducing Filter, by WOT

Dear Community,

We’re excited to announce WOT’s brand new extension: Filter


Filter is a simple, effective, web filter, powered by WOT. It provides you with an additional layer of protection that gives you complete control of the content you see. We invite you to take a tour of the new page!

With Filter you can easily block content you don’t want to see or don’t want your computer to access (if it has multiple users).

Customizable content blocking:

Filter can easily be customized to filter your online content the way YOU want, allowing you to block specific websites and keywords. You can also choose to always allow specific sites, which will override keyword blocking.

Filter’s simple and easy layout is also customizable, and allows you to choose whether or not you have the ability to bypass certain website blocks. You can also decide if your content filter will require passwords for bypassing blocks or any changes to your settings.

Late in 2015 we made the decision to further empower the online community with more free tools to protect themselves and beef up their multilayered online protection. Our crowdsourced security tools warn users of threats that technology can miss. We’re very excited to release Filter and we’re not stopping there; we’re working on more exciting releases and updates in 2016 that will make some noise!

We’ve currently released Filter for Chrome, you can download it here. We hope you enjoy and are looking forward to your feedback!

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