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WOT for Android: Sneak Peek!

Today we are making a much-anticipated announcement and giving you a sneak peek of our newest product: WOT for Android!

The slated release of our first mobile security app is in the coming weeks (you will be the first to know when it happens), as we are completing the finishing touches and commence testing with our beta group.

Having observed the sharp rise of threats to mobile users for some time, we decided to take action as malware, phishing and ransomware infect more and more devices. It is time for users to have the ability to protect each other on mobile as they can on desktop. Our mobile users will benefit from the protection offered from our multi-million strong desktop community.

Just as the WOT platform facilitates crowdsourced security for desktop, WOT for Android will complement traditional anti-virus and malware security measures by adding a layer of human protection against online threats only the human eye can spot.

This will be the second product we release in 2016, following our new extension Filter a few short weeks ago.

Here’s a peek of our opening splash screen. Hopefully you’ll see the rest in the coming weeks!

WOT for Android

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