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WOT study reveals risks in the Internet’s red light district

In a new WOT study of the Internet’s notorious red light district, we found that the biggest security threat to home and corporate computer users comes from visiting sites featuring adult content. We verified that 31% of the websites rated as dangerous in the WOT reputation database contain pornography. Your risk for damage and/or financial loss from spyware, viruses, browser exploits and phishing attacks significantly increases when surfing these sites.

We also found that 9 out of 10 school children have inadvertently viewed porn online while doing their homework. This unintentional exposure is not only unpleasant but can result in leaving the family computer vulnerable to drive-by downloads and other malware.

Safe sex requires WOT’s preventive protection
In order to improve the protection from threats associated with adult content websites, the WOT database has been enhanced with double the coverage of pornographic sites. WOT has information on nearly 1 million sites that are rated poorly for child safety. You can customize your level of protection to suit your needs.

Read the WOT Study: Increased Security Threats in the Internet’s Red Light District

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