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Improved Scorecard functions

Once again, thanks to suggestions from our WOT users, we have made some improvements – this time on the WOT Internet Security scorecard.

Add or Edit Ratings

You can now add or edit your ratings right on the scorecard. Click on Add/Edit rating to turn on the rating window. From there you can add or adjust your ratings, then hit Send to update the database. To turn off the window, click Close.

Reputation Rating

Sort from the Category Summary

To see all the comments associated with a particular category, click on the category and the comments will automatically sort. For example, if you want to see all the comments for “useful, informative” click on the category indicator and all the comments will be sorted to the top.

Category Summary

Remove “I agree” and “Flag this comment for review”

Whoops, you accidentally agreed with a comment or flagged a comment that you didn’t mean to. To remove the mistaken “I agree” or flag, click on the comment to expand it. Once expanded, click on the “I agree” or flag button, close the comment and your agreement or flag will be gone. A color clue to remember is when the button is gray, it means you have agreed. When it’s blue, you have not agreed.

I agree button

We hope you find these improvements useful. Thank you to the WOT users who made these suggestions, and please let us know further ways that we can improve WOT for you. Please help us by telling your friends and family about WOT and encouraging them to join the WOT community.

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