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Customizing WOT settings is easy

Welcome to the new members of the WOT community! We know you have a choice when it comes to Internet security, and we’re glad you choose Web of Trust.

Now that you are using WOT you may have found some things you’d like to change. It’s easy and fast to customize WOT to suit your surfing needs if you are a registered user.

Watch our short demo and learn how to change:

  • Ratings – choose which rating components you want to see. Don’t have children at home? We show you how to remove child safety or any other component.
  • Warnings – adjust your level of protection. What if a site is not rated yet? You can choose to be warned or you can block sites entirely. Will children be visiting and using your computer? Learn how to set the highest level of child safety.
  • Searching – choose what you see when searching. Only want to see sites poorly rated? You can choose to see only negative ratings. Don’t want to see rating symbols in Yahoo! but you do want to see ratings in Google? You can turn them on and off.
  • Pop-up – turn off the small pop-up window when searching if you prefer less clutter.
  • Advanced– control automatic logon and updates or enable the colorblind version here. You can also set up your own ignore list.

You can change WOT settings at any time depending on your needs.

View the Customizing WOT settings demo

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