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Fake CNN Alerts spam fills mailboxes

The deluge of fake CNN alerts continue to fill email boxes around the world. According to Security company MXLogic, spam posing as CNN alerts hit a peak of 11 million messages per hour early Thursday. It showed little sign of slowing over the weekend.

IT World reports that the messages have the subject heading “CNN Alerts: My Custom Alert,” and sometimes uses legitimate news stories culled from CNN to make the messages more convincing. Users who click on the “FULL STORY” link in the message are redirect to a fake CNN site, where they are told they need to download an update to Flash Player, Adobe’s popular Internet media player, to view a video clip from CNN. If users agree to download the bogus Flash update, they are trapped in an endless loop with the only option to shut down the browser or give in and install the malware.

As always, do not open email that comes from an unknown user. And Adobe recommends that you do not download Flash Player from a site other than Adobe.com. The real CNN Breaking News alerts are perfectly safe, but you must sign up for them.

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