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The New Profile Page

The WOT community is large, diverse and scattered across the globe, but we are united by a single purpose – making the Internet a safer place for everyone. Our new Community and Profile pages bring us closer together by giving us another way to communicate with each other.


Getting to Know You

Express who you are by adding a photo or avatar, writing a short description about yourself and sharing a few select details to show on your public profile page.

To access your profile, either go through your user name (top right) or the Community page. There is an edit tab at the top that will lead you to our simple Account Information page.

The Edit page is where you can upload a picture, add a signature (for writing on others’ message boards) and give a little background information. You can make changes and updates anytime you want. If you want to connect with your new friends outside of WOT, you can add links to your Twitter, Facebook, IM and other accounts right on your profile page.

My Profile

We protect your privacy

We value your privacy, so you choose what information to keep under lock and key. We will never reveal any personal details without your permission.


You can see what everyone else sees by clicking the “public view” tab on your profile page. It will show your user name, user level, recent scorecard comments, your board and messages you have posted to others or on the WOT forum and blog. When it comes to personal information you choose only what you want to show; no one needs to know where you live, how old you are or even if you’re male or female, so you can retain that aura of mystery if you want!

Your private profile page is only visible to you – no one else. Private data includes:

  • Number of ratings given
  • Number of comments made
  • Number of invitations sent
  • Personal data such as DOB, gender, city and country

Meet and Greet

And now take a few minutes to create your WOT profile. You can meet other people by clicking on their names wherever you see them – on a scorecard, forum or blog posting or on your message board. Check out my profile here and greet me by leaving a message on my board.

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