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How much can you trust reputations computed from anonymous testimonies? We get that question every now and then from our users. It’s a good question. Sometimes people even suggest that we add to the add-on the number of testimonies that were used to compute the reputation, similarly to eBay. However, in an anonymous system like WOT, the number of testimonies alone doesn’t really tell you all that much about the reliability of the reputation. Besides, we have something better for you.

As already discussed in a number of previous posts, not everyone has an equal say in WOT reputations. You must prove yourself before we take you seriously. This makes it more difficult to manipulate the system, and also allows us to more precisely compute exactly how much the reputation estimates can be trusted. In addition to reputation, our algorithms also calculate another value, the confidence in the reputation.

Confidence indicator in WOT 20061215

The confidence value was first introduced in WOT 20061215. It is shown to you as a vertical bar on the right side of the reputation indicator. The more lines in the bar, the more confidence the system has that the reputation is indeed correct. If you see no bar at all, we don’t have enough reliable testimonies for the target to really trust the reputation.

Of course, you must ultimately decide yourself where you place your trust. We hope the confidence indicator helps you make that decision. If your add-on doesn’t have one yet, please upgrade.

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