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Embedded reputations

One of the most useful features in WOT are the embedded reputation indicators on web search results. As you have noticed, they are not just for search though. In this post I will show how to configure where and how these reputations are shown.

Being integrated to your browser, the WOT add-on can add reputations to practically any link on a website. We maintain a list of sites where we believe reputations are most useful, and you can see it on the Browsing page of the add-on preferences:

Browsing preferences

Here you can disable reputation indicators for any of the listed websites, or for all of them if you prefer. You can also configure the add-on to show reputations only if they are bad. Link backgrounds can optionally be highlighted and you can even have a small information popup window that tells you the exact reputations in each category without having to visit the site first.

The current list of selected websites includes all the popular search engines, Google’s GMail webmail, Wikipedia in all languages, and some of the more popular social networking sites we ourselves use every day. Most recently today we added support for reddit.com:

Embedded reputations on reddit.com

My question to you is: are we missing any websites you’d like to see in the list? If there is a site where you think embedded reputations would be useful, please let us know. Post a comment below or send us feedback.

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