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Getting the most out of WOT – share your ideas on how to develop our community

Those of you who participate on the WOT forum and blog know that we enjoy providing a place where people can share their knowledge and experiences regarding websites. As our community is growing, we want to develop WOT further by letting you communicate easily with other users and share interesting and fun stuff with them.

But before our development team starts its work we would like to hear your ideas: what social activities would you like to have? What information would you like to share with and see about other members? If you have your own website, would you like to have widgets, badges and banners from WOT? We just added a list of Top 20,000 Websites by Popularity – what else would you like to see from our database? What about the user levels and rewards?

Here are some things we have been thinking about:

  • Public profile that you can customize. Can include photo/avatar, location, bio, areas of interest. What else?
  • Friends, we could "introduce" people with things in common.
  • User levels and activity scores. How should we differentiate the levels? Examples could be: gold – silver – bronze; expert – experienced – novice; How about icons to represent the levels?
  • Comments, you can post your own and receive comments from others.
  • Statistics like top users, top websites and community statistics.
  • Recommendations from other users when you are searching something.
  • Scorecard where you can see all the ratings you have made. Ratings can be added, changed or deleted.
  • Website Ownership Claim with authentication. Site owner has a specific place for comments in the scorecard.
  • Widgets, banners and badges to add to your own blog or website.

Please share your ideas on the forum and participate in building Web of Trust!

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