Protecting children online

In a recent 8 Falcons interview with Internet safety expert Jace Galloway, she stated that the biggest online threats to children are

  • Electronic bullying
  • Social networking sites
  • Pornography
  • Sexual predators
  • Lack of knowledge

Did you know that for added protection you can tweak the warning level for child safety separately in the Settings section of the WOT add-on? Child safety is the rating which indicates whether the site contains age-inappropriate material of a sexual, hateful, or violent nature. For the highest level, click the + to fill in the warning bar and check Protect me if no rating is available. You can also set the system to block access to certain sites instead of merely giving a warning—very useful if you share your computer with kids.

Customize your protection

8 falcons is a growing site dedicated to keeping children safe online. They provide instructional materials for parents and teachers, a blog, and podcasts and videos covering the latest online safety issues. Associated with them is What’s Your ISQ?, a site focused on security in the workplace. Both of these organizations use Web of Trust and have shared WOT with their site visitors. Please check out their sites.

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Protecting children online