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Scorecard improvements

The beta versions of the WOT 3.0 add-on and scorecard were published about two weeks ago. We received some valuable improvement ideas and made changes based on them. I want to thank everyone for the feedback and comments given – all of them are considered.

Here is a list of the improvements:

  • When a scorecard comment is edited, all the votes on that comment are removed.
  • When the “I agree” or “Flag a comment” buttons are clicked then both buttons are disabled. This is simply because it’s not logical to agree with and flag the same comment.
  • The “Good/Bad shopping experience” categories have been renamed to “Good/Bad customer experience”.
  • The language selection on the bottom now opens only when it’s clicked.
  • Only registered members can leave comments. Previously all site visitors could leave comments but the comments from non-registered members were not visible to others. Thus the information was basically lost. So, if you want to comment, please register first. In any case please use the add-on to rate the sites. It’s the only way to make the web safer for all of us.
  • You can now sort the comments. Click the column header and the comments are then sorted by that column.
  • On the top of the scorecard is a hidden Ask WOT field. Click the domain name and a field will appear where you can write a domain name. Press enter and you will be sent to the domain’s scorecard.
  • Direct links to the comments have been implemented. An open comment contains a link to that comment, like this [link to this comment].

We added this functionality because of your suggestions. Thanks once again for all the feedback you have given, we value it very much. If you have any further suggestions we would be happy to receive them and investigate if they could be added to the site or the WOT add-on.

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