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Synchronizing add-ons

We’ve received a number of emails from users who bought a new computer recently. After installing all their applications on the computer, they noticed that the WOT add-on no longer remembers their testimonies. How can you restore them on your new system?

Since you don’t have to register in order to use WOT, the new copy of the add-on you installed on another computer has no way of knowing who you are. Because people often use more than one computer and need to replace their old systems every now and then, we have developed a way of synchroning any number of WOT add-ons. This way, you can have your testimonies with you on all the computers you use.

In order to synchronize two add-ons, we need proof that it is really you who are using both of them. For this reason, we need you to create an account at mywot.com using the browser where you have your original add-on installed. In this case, your old computer. Once you have activated your account, you may log in to the web site from any other computer using the password you chose during registration to authenticate yourself.

Synchronize link on the website

Now, when you log in to your account from your new computer with a new copy of the WOT add-on installed, you will see an option on the top of the website under your user name saying "Synchronize your WOT profile". After clicking the link and confirming your choice, your new WOT add-on will automatically synchronize with your old add-on, and from that moment on you can see your testimonies on both computers.

This isn’t limited to only two add-ons, of course. You can synchronize any number of computers: your home desktop, laptop, the computer you use at work etc. You can keep on using any of the add-ons, and all your testimonies will remain synchronized between all computers.

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