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The new WOT is here

A new version of WOT for Firefox is now available! It provides major improvements in the software, enhancing the functionality and making the system easier to use. We are excited to publish the result of several months of intensive work by our development team. The new version incorporates many of the suggested improvements from our recent user survey.

New features in WOT 20071114 include (from our previous post):

  • More intuitive user interface

  • Easy-to-use controls for rating sites
  • Reputation components have been renamed to crystallize their meaning: trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety of a web site

  • Warnings are based on those reputation components you choose to use

  • You can ignore child safety, privacy, or vendor reliability if you are not interested in them

  • The system shows how much supporting evidence there is behind a rating (reflects how many people have rated the site)

  • Mouse over on web search results shows ratings in a new pop-up with clear traffic light symbols

  • Settings allow you to select the level of protection: warnings can be triggered by red and yellow ratings, for example

  • Settings can be accessed easily from the rating window and they let you customize WOT to fit your individual needs

  • A quick one-page guide will instruct on understanding and giving ratings

You can be among the first to try the new WOT by downloading it now from our website before it’s updated to Mozilla Add-ons. Don’t forget to leave feedback to our development team!

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