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The new WOT is just around the corner!

A new version of WOT will be launched soon. The new version will provide major improvements in the software – many of those that our user community pointed out in the recent user survey! The new beta of WOT for Firefox with significant functional enhancements will be released next week.

New features include:

  • More intuitive user interface

  • Easy-to-use controls for rating sites

  • Reputation components have been renamed to crystallize their meaning: trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety of a web site

  • Warnings are based on those reputation components you choose to use

  • You can ignore child safety, privacy, or vendor reliability if you are not interested in them

  • The system shows how much supporting evidence there is behind a rating (reflects how many people have rated the site)

  • Mouse over on web search results shows ratings in a new pop-up with clear traffic light symbols

  • Settings allow you to select the level of protection: warnings can be triggered by red and yellow ratings, for example

  • Settings can be accessed easily from the rating window and they let you customize WOT to fit your individual needs

  • A quick one-page guide will instruct on understanding and giving ratings

WOT for Internet Explorer to be launched soon

WOT takes a giant leap forward! In just a few weeks WOT for Microsoft Internet Explorer will see the light of day. This enables us to reach over 90% of all Internet users. The functionality of the system will be the same on both Firefox and on Internet Explorer.

Expanding the WOT community

Against Intuition, the company behind WOT, has experienced a dramatic increase in employees and resources after our first round of funding in August. As a part of our marketing initiative we will launch our new web site with a fresh look and up-to-date content in a couple of weeks.

The best way to grow the WOT community is by word of mouth – we need your help in spreading the word of WOT to new Firefox and Internet Explorer users. Stay tuned for the launch of the new WOT!

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