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The new WOT is now available for Chrome and Safari

For those of you who haven’t noticed it yet, the new WOT is available for Chrome and Safari users. The users who already have WOT installed in their Chrome or Safari browsers, will get their update automatically. For the rest of you, the new versions are available for download on our homepage , from Chrome web store and from Safari΄s extension gallery .Image

The feedback from the users that have already familiarized themselves with the new version has been mostly positive:

Well done. WOT has taken an important step in transparency and comprehensibility. Attribute descriptions are more understandable. In my mind, new and infrequent raters’ input will be more reliable because they will better understand what they are rating. The clearer the question, the more useful the answer”.

Even though it came as a bit of a surprise to others:

“ I like the new look…caught me off guard at first, but like the fact we can select several categories…maybe as a future improvement allow a comment under each selection to better inform the users why it falls under scam, or why it is not safe for children etc.”

The new WOT comes with a redesigned rating window and greater transparency into the reasons behind the website reputation. Learn more about the improvements

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