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Updated WOT add-ons available

We have released new versions of the WOT add-on for both Firefox and Internet Explorer today, which include the long-awaited translations and fixes to known problems.

Here are the major changes from the previous version:

  • User interface in 10 languages: in addition to English you can now choose French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish or Finnish
  • User activity score: Allows each user to see his/her own activity score

In addition, there are following changes to the Firefox add-on:

  • API for other Firefox extensions: Enables Firefox extensions to access website ratings stored in the WOT reputation database. Thanks to “B. L.” for the suggestion.
  • Software fixes: a fix to a problem that occurred with iGoogle when the blocking function was enabled, and fixes to compatibility issues with Firefox and 3.0 beta.

You can download version 20080214 from our website.

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