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Updates to the add-on

We have released an update for the WOT add-on, which fixes some of the problems our users have reported to us. We would like to thank everyone for their feedback, we appreciate your help!

Here are the notable changes compared to WOT 20060928:

  • Bug fix: the enter key should now work in the address bar for those who experienced problems with other extensions earlier

  • Bug fix: the preferences dialog won’t now occasionally forget some of its settings

  • New feature: for those who find the current warnings too invasive, you can now configure how the warnings are shown

  • New feature: the position of the reputation icon can now be changed anywhere in the toolbar, although it cannot be hidden anymore

  • New feature: changes in the warning behavior for the sites where you have testified; now you are warned if you have given a bad testimony, even if the reputation isn’t dangerous

Version 20061014 is now available for download from our website.

UPDATE: There was a minor problem in version 20061010 if the WOT button was moved to a different toolbar. This issue is now fixed in version 20061014.

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