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What if a good site goes bad

Reputation is something that can be gained over a long period of time and lost rapidly. So, what happens when a good and trusted site changes its business model and becomes untrustworthy?

In real life the change to unreliable business soon becomes common knowledge and the business is over. The reason is simple: people trust new information from other people more and ignore the older feedback. Therefore we can conclude that reputation is constantly changing and gets updated when new information is received.

In WOT, the situation is quite similar. We calculate the reputation of a site almost in real time. In the worst case, the site’s reputation is updated about 30 minutes after a new testimony has been received or someone has visited the site. The site reputations are calculated from trusted testimonies using our Bayesian-based algorithm.

The trustworthiness of a testimony changes depending on how old it is. A new testimony is considered more trustworthy than a week old. This does not mean that you have to testify every time you visit a site, quite the contrary. The time of testimony is updated every time when you visit the site. This means that your old testimony has been renewed. If you feel that your previous testimony is not correct anymore, you should change it accordingly.

Therefore, the reputations are always up-to-date.

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