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As you probably have noticed, the WOT project is still in early beta. Some of the reputations in our database might not yet be accurate, especially those computed entirely from automatically collected data. By design, we depend mostly on you, our users, to tell us if we are wrong.

How to make a difference

Sharing your opinion is easy: just click on the reputation icon next to the browser address bar, and then click on any of the coloured indicator bars on the appearing window to give your testimony. When you close the window by clicking anywhere else on the screen, your opinion is stored in our database. Updated reputations will appear on your browser within half an hour on average.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the more you testify, the more your opinion matters. Also, if you notice a website that has a bad reputation by mistake, giving your testimony stops the extension from showing you a warning each time you visit the site.

While we do our best to assure that reputations are correct, sometimes you may bump into a site whose reputation is completely wrong. In this case, we encourage you to please report the problem using our feedback form. After receiving your report, we will carefully investigate the source of each reputation for the site and redress any problems we might find in the system.

Coming soon

We are planning on releasing a public interface (or API) to our database soon. This will allow anyone to make queries for reputation data over the web for any purpose. We are also continuously improving our website, so please stay tuned.

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