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WOT 20070226

We have released an update for the add-on, which adds new features you have requested and fixes some problems. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Here are the notable changes compared to WOT 20070104:

  • New feature: adds an option to exclude reputations from being loaded for listed websites.

  • New feature: adds an option to show only bad reputations in search results.

  • Bug fix: fixes a problem with the toolbar icon creation if the address bar is moved elsewhere.

  • Bug fix: fixes a problem with the status showing an error if the current tab is changed before the reputation loads.

  • Bug fix: fixes a handful of other minor problems.

Version 20070226 is now available for download from our website.

(Visit Mozilla Add-ons for previous versions and a more detailed version history of the WOT add-on.)

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