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WOT colorblind accessible version released

WOT’s goal is to make the Internet a safer place for everyone, and our new colorblind accessible version provides a security tool for the 7% of the population (that’s 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women) who have color vision deficiency. The traffic light colors of our add-on are difficult for most colorblind people to discern so everything from the color schemes to the product’s rating icons to the whole symbol language was designed to meet the optimal needs of the colorblind.

We are very proud of this innovative new design, and we think that we’ve raised the bar to higher industry standards for accessibility with this release. If you agree, please share it with your friends and give us a digg and a stumble.

WOT’s colorblind version is not only useful, but it’s interesting to look at. Watch our cool new demo video which explains more.

Listen to a podcast conversation between our CEO, Esa, and Ville Kolehmainen, Chief Creative Officer of Design Agency FUSION.

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